Any foam application - any industry.


Our foam and plastic components are integrated into dozens of manufacturing industries globally.

Pednar products designs & supplies foam and plastic components for everything from car seat cushions to foam rollers – there is no application that we can’t design and provide a component for. With extensive experience in foam and plastic fabrication since 1988, we have already built and implemented solutions into thousands of different applications globally.

Integrated Industries:

Foam & plastic make the world go ’round – so we are doing our part to help. We supply foam and plastic components that are seamlessly integrated into the following industries:

In sports and recreation, foam padding is a matter of safety – and without foam padding and protection, many sports and recreational activities would be too dangerous to take a part in. Pednar foam sports products enable athletes, adrenaline-junkies, and gymnasts to be their best selves with regards to safety and protection.