Maritime Foam Applications

Marine-grade foam that doesn't absorb water.

Maritime Foam Applications

Pednar manufactures foam sheets for boat decking, flotation, and construction foam for boat interiors.

Marine foams require an enhanced attention to detail, and for that reason marine manufacturers choose Pednar foam products to replace traditional wood or vinyl parts. Non-decaying polyurethane and laminated products do not absorb water, and thus are a perfect and cost-efficient long-term solution for marine foam applications.

We manufacture closed-cell marine foam that is ideal for flotation devices and for use in construction of boats. We manufacture high-density, rigid polyurethane foam that is ideal for reducing the noise that is made by engines and motors so that crew members can enjoy a peaceful boating experience.

Marine foam applications:

Our marine-grade foam products are ideal for gap seals on hulls as well as an extremely cost-effective solution for the fabrication of boat interiors and padding.