Consumer Foam Products

Foam appliances, components, and household products.

Consumer Foam Products

Foam products can be found in over 99% of global households - whether you realize it or not, you may even be sitting on some foam at this very moment.

It’s common to think of foam products as only having use in industrial or commercial applications – however, this is simply not true. From seat cushions to mattresses to pet beds and beyond, there is foam all around us at any given time. Pednar Products is a leading supplier and fabricator of the foam products which are integrated into common household goods that we may never blink twice at.

Foam applications in consumer products:

Look around you – what do you see? We are willing to bet that you are surrounded by a minimum of 2-3 foam products at any given time – even in the comfort of your own home or office. Here are some common household foam applications that we may not think twice about: