Foam Medical Products

We are a premier supplier of the medical industry's foam products.

Foam Medical Products

Using medical-grade foam manufacturing techniques, we supply foam sheets, mattresses, padding and insulation, and other polyurethane medical products.

As one of the top medical foam suppliers in the U.S., there is not a foam or plastic application that we have not experienced within the healthcare industry. We provide manufacturers with high-grade foam & plastics to be integrated into devices and fixtures.

Pednar Products is a leader in supplying the medical industry with foam and plastics. We have served this industry since 1988 and can handle any specifications and tolerances. Our team will gladly work with your company on any current products or help with developing new products for your company.

Foam Medical Products Since 1988.

Pednar Products recognizes that medical -grade foam requires a very particular level of precision in manufacturing – so we supply only the highest quality in foam products to be integrated into the following applications: